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05:41pm 27/12/2005
  Some 311 icons under the cut. This was my first time making icons so if they suck, then I guess they suck lol

Sorry that these are pretty much all NickCollapse )

No need to credit, just please tell me if you take any.

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311 quiz :o) 
03:56pm 17/11/2005
311 - Quiz!
Click here to take the test.

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02:01am 01/10/2005
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Join it, Compete, Vote, Feel the love

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10:42pm 15/09/2005
mood: high
yeah, high, just wanted to say that i do indeed think soundsystem is the best album ever (but a tie, perhaps, with abbey road by the beatles, IMHO). i bonded with this album two summers ago, when i spent the whole vacation working at a soup kitchen. it was very nice to do mindless tasks every day while talking to awesome people. and i came home and smoked every day and listened to soundsystem, for whiles. and it was listening to that album (especially freeze time and life's not a race), among other things that summer, that made me go all zen. i had read about zen before, but i didnt feel it and things didnt seem to fit until that summer. i was wondering if anyone else has had such an experience with 311. i think its definitely present in their other albums, but soundsystem seems to take it as a theme.
if you think i'm crazy, i'm crazy.

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11:54pm 03/09/2005


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02:18pm 03/09/2005

a 311 icon challenge community.



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11:55pm 26/08/2005
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I just saw the video for Don't Tread On Me. I ♥ it.

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John Anno 
07:53pm 13/06/2005

Go Here to get John Anno remixes of Stealing Happy Hours, Amber, Mindspin and 8:16 am.

Hurry cause they will be removed to make room for more!




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You probably already know this 
06:42pm 03/06/2005

There will be 12 songs on the new album including… Thank Your Lucky Stars, Frolic Room, Don't Tread On Me, Speak Easy, Waiting, Shooting Up Flares and more.........




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Don't Tread On Me 
12:04pm 01/06/2005

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11:43am 26/05/2005

There are a few LIVE 311 tracks available for your listening pleasure at this site. Its The Hive's Myspace.

You can listen to All Mixed Up LIVE, 123 LIVE, Dy'er Mak'er LIVE, and Tribute LIVE. More tunes to come as soon as more suggestions roll in.


Peace and Love


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11:14am 21/05/2005



I Just got my shirt that drydenhexum311 bought me! Because shes co fuckin cool. She even got me cool ass 311 stickers!!!!!! What a wonderful thing to wake up to.


The Stickers!!

Sa Stole my dance moves!!!

Evolution Is Fact.

You guys dont know how cool Krystxn is. Ive never met her...I met her through live journal and she doesnt even KNOW me and she sent me a fucking shirt and a bunch of stickers!

People can be cool as fuck!!!

Krystxn, I love you.


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